The Ancient Art of Healing with Lenormand Cards


By Delna Mistry Anand


There is a lot of buzz in the tarot community about reading with Lenormand cards, giving very clear predictive readings, Delna Mistry Anand tells you all you need to know.


Our lives today are filled with decisions, distractions and duties. The constant flow of information, noise, and unwanted entertainment has become so common, that it is harder to navigate through the clutter of what we call ‘normal’. Though mindfulness and meditation are becoming increasingly popular practices to counter the fast pace of life, it is eventually in our own stillness that we find the answers.

We live in a world that seems custom designed to make us anxious. Global warming, crashing economies, poor nutrition, indoor/ sedentary lifestyle and other everyday things can cause anxiety you may not know about. When we are stressed or anxious, we long to hear for guidance or a gentle whisper of intuition, but it is only then that it eludes us. Yes, stress and anxiety can impair the ability to make intuitive, or “gut,” decisions. While there is no agreed-upon definition in psychology, intuition is generally thought of as resulting from an unconscious and automatic process that leads to knowing something without knowing how you actually know it. Intuition can be a valuable tool, and research shows that intuition is enhanced when people are in a good mood. But when you are anxious, the opposite is true. It is at times like this that a little outside support can help bring us back to our inner guides. After all, we all need reminders from time to time, to reconnect us to our intuition and the answers already within us.

Healing inspiration comes in many forms, and whatever form you are drawn is the right one for you. Divination cards have been my go-to since many years. Named after legendary French professional fortune-teller of the Napoleonic era, Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, these cards are used for spiritual guidance, to offer insight to a specific inquiry or simply serve as meditative reflection. Whether you have questions about your personal life or your future path, Lenormand cards can help you find meaningful answers while awakening your intuition.


Lenormand cards are similar to Tarot but different in purpose, feeling and structure. Unlike Tarot, Lenormand is a much more practical deck – focusing somewhat less on psychological feelings and instead on everyday happenings. While Tarot focuses on the “why”, Lenormand tends to focus on the “how”.


These Cards act merely as a tool and are not to be treated as magical or future determining.. Many Lenormand Card readers shy away from prediction, and rightly so. The general perception is that prediction disempowers the questioner by taking away choices and decisions. So an experienced reader would encourage the client to rephrase the question in a more empowering way. Instead of asking, “Will I get the job?” the client is advised to ask “what do I need to know about the getting the job?” The card may forecast a successful interview or confirm that the client is perfectly suited for the position. Conversely, the cards might show that there is fierce competition for the job or highlight the client’s lack of preparation or experience. Often the reader will interpret these messages in the context of yes-or-no based on intuition, or their own expert opinion.

“Naturally adept at receiving messages from cards, I went on to study this modality in depth, eventually learning the ancient system of Lenormand Cards, which interestingly have seen a great increase in popularity in recent years.”


It has been observed that when the client wants to turn their power over to the cards, the Lenormand will dump the decision back into the questioner’s lap. A good example is questions that begin with “should I.” The cards will predict the outcome of doing this thing or that thing, but they don’t make the final decision on what the questioner should do. One of my client’s asked “Should I quit my job and pursue my passion for teaching children?”. The three-card spread showed the dog card which was interpreted as the immense devotion she had for teaching. The next card was the mountains which stood for delays and obstacles coming her way, and the final card was a bouquet which is a sign for thanks and recognition. So, the reading was straightforward. It showed struggles along the path but also showed support from her inner circle and environment and finally – gratification.

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Delna Mistry Anand

Delna is a B&C Miracle Method Expert, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Healer. She also specializes in Lenormand Card Reading, Akashic Records & Angel Card Reading. She has always been fascinated with being able to tap into the Higher Wisdom; an ability that lies within each one of us.